How Marriage Matching In Tamil Decided by The Astrology?

Marriage is a divine thing where two persons are tied with a knot, and that knot has a significant role in tying both of them with both body and soul. In India, marriage, especially arranged marriage, can’t happen without matching the horoscopes of both bride and groom. If the horoscope matches, then family members consider them compatible. 

In Tamil marriage, astrology plays a vital role in matchmaking the would-be couple. Suppose you are a Tamilian and want to know about a reliable site that offers marriage-matching astrology in Tamil. In that case, Onepage Horoscope is an all-in-one solution for all your queries regarding marriage horoscope.

Marriage prediction in Tamil can be determined in many ways, including by Naxtara matching, Date of birth, horoscope match, etc. Let’s discuss these types of predictions below.

Marriage Prediction by Naxatra in Tamil:

Nakshatra matching for marriage or star matching helps to check whether the bride and groom are compatible enough to start their life as a couple. It plays an important role in deciding the success phenomena in a marriage. Nakshatra or star poisons during a person’s birth determine the overall character and destiny.

So, in marriage, finding the perfect nakshatra match will bring prosperity and longevity to the marriage life. The nakshatras are divided into three groups known as Charanas. The charans contain nine nakshatras. The groups help astrologers to match the Nakshatras accurately and precisely based on the moon’s position.

Nakshatra matching or Nakshatra porutham or milan is an old tradition in Indian as well as in Tamil culture. Let’s discuss some of the factors while matching the nakshatras.

  • Tara or Dina- It determines the person’s star during birth to decide well-being and a happier marriage.
  • Gana- There are three Ganas: Deva or Divine, Manushya or Human, and lastly, Rakshya or Demonic. Gana matching decides the understanding between the couple.
  • Yoni- This Naxhastra determines the sexual compatibility between the couple. The physical attractions between the two people are determined by the three animal groups under Yoni Nakshatra.
  • Rashi or Moon Sign- Moon signs are really important to match the emotional harmony between the bride and groom.
  • Mahendra- The Nakshatra determines the longevity of the marriage and love and respect towards each other.
  • Stree-Dirgha- This Nakshatra of the bride determines her importance in bringing the marriage happiness and prosperity.
  • Vashya- Vashya nakshatra determines the control over the marriage relationships.
  • Rajju- The Nakshatra is highly important in determining both the longevity and physical well-being of the couple.

Best Nakshatra matches in Marriage:

Among 27 nakshatras used while marriage matching in Tamil culture, some of the best matches can be seen if both of them belong to Ashwini Nakshatra, Rohini and Mrigashira, or Pushya and Anuradha, or Revati and Ashwini, etc.

Marriage Prediction By Date Of Birth In Tamil:

Many people wonder how the date of birth determines your marriage destiny. However, marriage prediction in Tamil by date of birth plays a significant role in matchmaking between the bride and groom. 

Vedic astrology is an age-old tradition in India that understands the positions of celestial particles during a person’s date of birth. These movements and the placing of planets determine the person’s behaviour, vision toward life, and overall characteristics.

The birth chart of a person or janam kundali consists of twelve houses, and each house has a significant role in different aspects of life. The 7th house is called the marriage house. This house determines how the overall marriage experience will impact both persons. In Vedic astrology, the planets play a vital role in determining marriage predictions. 

Let’s discuss some of the roles of planets in marriage.

  1. Venus- Venus determines the mutual love and harmony between the couple. The proper placement in the marriage house decides the romantic bliss between the couple.
  2. Mars- It determines the marriage energy. If the energy is positive, then marriage matching by date of birth in Tamil states that the couple will build a strong relationship; otherwise, a negative energy indicates a lot of conflicts may happen between the couple.
  3. Jupiter- The planet determines wisdom. Its position in the 7th house brings spiritual wisdom to a marriage.
  4. Saturn- Saturn’s position in the marriage house brings discipline to a marriage. The Saturn planet helps to show the road to the couple during difficulties.

Marriage Prediction By Horoscope Matching In Tamil:

Marriage horoscope matching Tamil or Astrology matching to check the compatibility by matching the sun and moon signs, planets, zodiac signs, and houses. Let’s discuss these key elements.

  1. Sun Signs- Sun signs determine the core of personality compatibility between two persons. These come first when compatibility is checked by astrology matching.
  2. Moon Signs– The moon signs determine the emotional well-being of the couple, which is considered to be the most important part of a marriage.
  3. Rising Signs- These signs determine the outer behaviour that determines how the bride and groom will perceive each other at a first impression.
  4. Planetary position– Planetary position in the marriage house influences the marriage life a lot. For instance, the Venus planet determines romanticism, and Jupiter brings wisdom.
  5. Aspects- These aspects determine the angel’s influence, such as sexualities, how they react to difficult challenges, and other compatibility in a couple’s life.

Though Astrology is one aspect of deciding the compatibility between the couple, it is not the only way of determining how the marriage is going to influence the marriage. The marriage also depends on both the bride and groom’s mutual understanding and love towards each other, as well as how they perceive each other’s life predictions and those of both families.


Marriage is a sacred destiny that keeps a couple unseparated even after death. In Indian Tamil culture, astrology plays a significant role in matching this heaven knot. So, if you are a Tamilian and want a trusted astrology site for marriage matching in Tamil for your son or daughter or yourself, then you can contact Onepage Horoscope, a reliable astrology platform.

The platform provides all types of marriage-matching methods, such as horoscope-matching compatibility, marriage by date of birth, and nakshatra matching. To know more, you can visit their site to book an appointment and check the compatibility of the marriage.

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