Here’s How You Can Customise Soap Packaging Boxes

Customization brings many benefits to the brand if done in the right way. Packaging plays one of the prominent roles in bringing sales to any brand. It is not only about the colors and designs of the packaging but the strength it holds to protect the product.

There are many ways to customize soap packaging boxes to have a better audience, get your identification, and be a top-notch brand. Some of the ways to customize your soap packaging boxes are:

  • Choosing The Right Material
  • Using Window Patching
  • Go For Luxurious Coatings And Laminations
  • Going For Minimal Designs
  • Trying Soft colors

Choosing The Right Material

Choosing the suitable material for your soap bars is very important. When customizing the packaging boxes, always remember that customers will notice the packaging quality when they buy the soap bars. 

Most of the time, the quality of a product is determined by the quality of the packaging around it. 

Therefore, you must invest in the packaging boxes to be recognized as a brand selling quality soap bars. 

If the brand is incapable of investing in the packaging boxes, will it be capable enough to invest in the product? 

Customers have this in mind when they see a fragile packaging box on the shelf. Therefore, you must try the following packaging materials for your soap packaging boxes

Paperboard For Paper Sleeves

Paperboard is one of the lightest materials for packaging boxes and is easier to carry. Paperboard boxes are sustainable and cost-effective. They are made from recycled paper. 

But it might not be wise to use paperboard for soap packaging boxes because it cannot hold the soap bars with much efficiency and cannot protect them very well. However, they are the perfect fit for soap sleeves.

Most soap packaging brands use sleeves around the soap bars to give more exposure to the soap bars so customers can have a better look at the soap bars. Paper sleeves have many benefits, and one of them is cost-effectiveness. You can save money using paper sleeves for your soap packaging boxes. 

Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes are one of the most sustainable packaging materials because they are made from wood pulp with no added preservatives. The pure color of kraft boxes is brown, but they can also have other colors upon bleaching. 

You can use the brown kraft boxes because they are closer to nature rather than colored boxes. Kraft boxes can have different styles and sizes for your soap bars. 

You can make kraft pillow boxes for your soap bars since they do not take up much space and give a beautiful outlook. You can also have a tuck-end style for your kraft soap packaging boxes. 

You can customize the soap packaging boxes in different ways. 

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are also lightweight because they are manufactured from wood pulp. They are better at protecting the product than a regular paperboard and can resist humidity and mositure better than standard paperboard boxes. 

You may use cardboard boxes for your soap bars because they are perfect for products that are not too heavy, and these boxes will efficiently protect your soap bars within these boxes. 

Using Window Patching

Window patching is one way a brand builds trust in its customers. When customers know that the brand is not afraid to showcase the product before purchasing, they know it will be of good quality. 

You can have cut-outs in different sizes and shapes. If you want, you can have the cut-outs in the form of your brand’s initials. Or you can have small circles so customers can look at the soap bars and sniff them before finalizing a purchase. 

Go For Luxurious Coatings And Laminations

Now that you know the material is essential while packing a product, you must know how important it is to have a beautiful outlook on the soap packaging boxes. 

Unappealing boxes will not be the center of attention; most of the time, they are the reason the brand cannot achieve the target sales. Therefore you must try the following coatings and laminations on your soap packaging boxes.

Aqueous Coating

Are you looking for some environment-friendly coatings? Aqueous coating is there to help your out. Your custom soap boxes will be eye candy for customers if you apply the aqueous layer. 

It is a water-based coating applied on printed surfaces and dries out very quickly. The most important feature of this coat is that it is mostly clear but adds a very soft touch to the boxes. 

UV Coating

When ultraviolet light is sued on the printing surfaces to create a coat, it gives a pleasant outlook to the soap packaging boxes. 

Spot Gloss UV

The word spot tells precisely what it means. The Spot Gloss UV adds shine to particular places—most brands use this logo coating to highlight them more than the other parts. 

Silk Lamination

If you want your soap packaging boxes to be protected from smudges, stains, and scratches, you must try silk lamination. 

It gives the boxes a smooth and protected lamination to ensure their safety from water, tearing, etc.

Going For Minimal Designs

Trying minimal designs for soap packaging boxes is one of the most widely followed trends. Soap boxes give an elegant look when designed minimally, so why not give them a go?

You can try different designs, or if you want, you can also use your logo, brand’s name, and the soap’s name, leaving all other parts of the box empty. 

Trying Soft Colors

Soft colors for the soap packaging boxes look gorgeous. Not every packaging needs black color, so why not go for lighter shades to give the boxes a more neutral and calm representation? You can try shades of golden brown, blues, greens, pinks, etc. 

Summarizing The Above Discussion

These are only a few suggestions for customizing your soap packaging boxes. When you dive deep into the customization, you will get to know the infinite options to avail yourself of for these boxes. 

Contact an excellent bulk soap boxes manufacturer today and explore the limitless options for customizing your soap boxes. 

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