Why Your Manufacturing Business Should Have a CRM?

CRM (Customer relationship management) software is a must for every industry, and it is indispensable for manufacturing businesses as well. While the manufacturing industry is becoming much more customer-centric over the last few years, CRM tool is crucial to the success of one factor – customer experience.

What is a CRM?

CRM software is a set of powerful software solutions to manage customer relationships, as well as offers many ways to track sales leads and opportunities, simplifying quotes and order processes, marketing and customer service.

How is CRM Related to Manufacturing Business?

Manufacturing businesses would have tools to forecast demand, streamline manufacturing operations, automate sales, or to create a smart supply chain. With these tools, you can efficiently handle manufacturing operations and keep your customers happy.

At the core of every business is customers. A good and quality customer experience improves customer satisfaction, as well as helps you stay competitive.

CRM plays a crucial role in maintaining customer relationships and in the quote-to-cash (QTC) process. Quote-to-cash refers to the process that includes the end-to-end sales process, from the potential customer’s interest in your product to giving sales quote to finalizing sales and collection of payment.

Without an efficient CRM, it is difficult to manage customer relationships and quote to cash process. At the same time, with an efficient CRM, you can speed up the sales process by connecting your sales data with your operational data. This integration provides insights about your sales and customer experiences, thereby improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Few reasons why your manufacturing business need a CRM

Improve sales performance and close deals faster

CRM brings all your sales data in a centralized location. This enables the sales team to manage leads, opportunities, all accounts, and communication in a single system. Your team will not miss any sales deals or opportunities.

Moreover, CRM brings deeper information about a lead. With this information your team can nurture relationships, loyalty, and respect. The end result is an organized sales team that can improve sales performance and a well-managed sales pipeline to close sales deals faster.

Enhanced customer satisfaction and trust

CRM is a better tool to manage relationships with both your potential customers and existing customers. Organized data means your team will have access to relevant insights into your customers.

It allows your sales team to better communicate with customers with proper understanding of customer needs and interests. Your team can properly respond to customer queries about orders, shipment, and others.

Proper and timely support raises customer satisfaction and trust which can lead to more businesses, growth and revenue. Clients will come to you again and again for their needs.

Better sales forecasting

A CRM helps your sales team to better predict sales growth based on the sales pipeline. With sales growth prediction, you can refine your sales strategy and set revenue. Real-time sales forecast allows your sales team to make intelligent decisions on sales.

With sales forecast, sales agents can monitor their performance against targets and spot risks, sales managers can monitor individual sales performance, and use forecast trends to foresee sales and allocate resources accordingly.

Improve supply chain visibility

CRM helps to improve your sales and profits by making the supply chain more efficient. It helps you maintain better relationships with your vendors or suppliers. Moreover, with a clear understanding of vendors, ensure that orders are fulfilled quickly and your teams can make better decisions.

CRM is inevitable, as it helps to resolve any product quality issues, manage interactions, and ensures a smooth supply chain process.

Product quality

A CRM helps you get insights into what customers think about your products. With these insights, you can improve the quality and consistency of products. Moreover, through customer feedback you get to know the suggestions to improve the product quality from the customer’s end. All these can be gathered in your CRM and use in the future to maximize product quality.

Deploy industry-leading CRM

A CRM is indispensable. It must be connected to your existing manufacturing systems to get the best sales and customer service outcomes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is an efficient CRM system that efficiently integrates with manufacturing ERP systems. A well-integrated system keeps your sales and manufacturing process on top. Dynamics 365 CRM provides you with

  • Robust forecasting features
  • Powerful lead management features
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Improved vendor relationship management
  • Seamless integration with third-party systems

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