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Dark Angels Paladin-Captain Corswain

The Captain Corswain continues his hunt for the Death Guard forces led by Typhon. A tense standoff erupts over the supposedly independent world of Terra Nullius. Corswain must decide whether to bend the local population to his cause, or set an example for other worlds to follow. After all, in war there are no innocent …

Dark Angels Successor Chapters

Dark Angels Successor Chapters – Deathwing Vs Primaris

Dark Angels Successor Chapters: Deathwing is a powerful new weapon in the arsenal of the Dark Angels. It is the newest addition to the Deathwing Command Squad, and the most important weapon for a Deathwing-wielding army. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between Deathwing and Primaris, and find out which ones are more loyal. …

Minecraft Shield Enchantments
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How to Use Minecraft Shield Enchantments?

There are many ways to improve your Minecraft Shield Enchantments. A good enchantment is the diamond shield, which can deflect all projectiles and explosions and grant you protection from all mob attacks. It can be used in the following ways: Minecraft Shield Designs You can create unique Minecraft shield designs by using various in-game items. …