AI Portrait Generator from FaceSwapper’s Magic Avatarly

Is your current avatar a picture or a carefully crafted avatar by you? Do you like to edit your photos and set them as your avatar? Traditional editing of selfies to become avatars takes a lot of time and knowledge of photo editing. 

Now, a more efficient solution is to use the AI Artificial Intelligence Portrait Generator. With AI technology, you can get a new style of 12 avatars by uploading an image with an easy click. Let’s see what this AI avatar generator is capable of!

What is the AI Portrait Generator from FaceSwapper 

Faceswapper is one of the most popular online face-swapping tools today, and this update adds three valuable and creative features. Magic Avatarly is a feature that helps users easily realize AI avatars. Animated Face Swap is a feature that swaps users’ uploaded photos for funny GIF stickers, which users can use to chat with friends! To bring humor to everyone. The third helpful feature is Face Cutter, which collects individual faces from multiple people’s photos. Users can upload various people’s pictures and have them automatically recognized and cropped.

The AI Portrait Generator is one of the three main features of Faceswapper’s recent update, Magic Avatarly. Users can use this feature for free by uploading a frontal photo of their person and clicking Generate to present a batch of 12 avatars in different styles. Each generation will cost one credit, which makes unique avatars easier and allows anyone to be an artist.

Unveiling FaceSwapper’s Amazing Avatarly

What makes FaceSwapper’s Magic Avatarly stand out in the crowded field of digital art? It’s a blend of a friendly and intuitive user interface, advanced AI algorithms, and the ability to explore more possibilities of ordinary photos. 

The technology behind Magic Avatarly, which uses deep learning to understand and reinterpret the nuances of faces in a way that’s both artistic and highly personalized, is revolutionary.

Magic Avatarly utilizes advanced AI technology to perform facial analysis on photos uploaded by users to obtain information about the faces of the people in the photos. This facial information is then intelligently swapped and naturally blended with the ones in the material library to generate an artistic avatar effect that will catch the user’s eye. 

Each generation will get a completely different 12 styles of result images, enriching the user’s exploration process. The template library is updated occasionally so that every generation will surprise you.

How to Use Magic Avatarly’s AI Portrait Generator

You can’t wait to see what kind of avatar you will generate. Let’s see how to use it together!

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of Faceswapper and select “Magic Avatarly” from “More Swap Tools” on the homepage.
  • Step 2: After entering Magic Avatarly, click “+” in the box on the left side of the page to upload a photo of the person you want to generate an avatar for.
  • Step 3: After uploading, click Swap Face Now to create 12 avatars.
  • Step 4: Click on your favorite avatar image to view it. You can switch left and right and then click on the heart in the upper left corner to edit it as your favorite image. Then you can view it in “My Favorite”, and if you want to download it, click the download button in the lower right corner to view it locally.

Creative Possibilities with Magic Avatarly

Magic Avatarly opens up a universe of creative possibilities. It allows individuals to reimagine their digital presence, offering tools to create unique, eye-catching profiles for social media and beyond. Whether you’re looking to personalize your online identity or simply explore new forms of expression, Magic Avatarly provides the canvas and the palette for your imagination.

The Magic Transformation From Photos to Portraits 

Witnessing the transformation of a simple photo into a work of art is a magical experience. Through before and after comparisons and user testimonials, it’s clear that Magic Avatarly is more than just a tool; it’s a catalyst for creativity, enabling users to see themselves and the world around them through an entirely new lens.


FaceSwapper’s Magic Avatarly makes it a breeze for anyone who wants to create a personalized avatar. Of course he doesn’t just generate avatars, it allows for more possibilities. It’s not just about face swapping, it’s about doing it naturally, and Faceswapper brings us closer to AI. Let’s look at Faceswapper’s outstanding face-swapping technology with Magic Avatarly’s infinite possibilities!

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