2022 New Sealed Allen Bradley 25C-D4P0N104 B Power Flex 527 Drive 2.0HP FW 2.002 

About Allen Bradley 25C-D4P0N104 

Allen Bradley 25C-D4P0N104 is a trendy Allen Bradley module manufactured as an electronic device that is also known as a part of Power Flex 527 product family of the AC Drive adjustable frequency. This module is famous as it is commonly known in the rising industry as a variable frequency drive or even the variable speed drive too that enhance the application linked by the industrial AC motor that is further controlled with the torque or the modulating speed too. Apart from this, this module Allen Bradley 25C-D4P0N104 is also configured to further implement the position along with the velocity loop-based control and it is similar to the controlling capability of the Kinetix servo drives too. 

Specifications of Allen Bradley 25C-D4P0N104 

Allen Bradley 25C-D4P0N104 input based supply voltage range is measured as 323 to 528 VACS in three phases too. It comprises of an output voltage of 0 to 460 VAC too and is known as a programmable output frequency too. The output current is of 4.1 Amp and the output power is of 2 HP. This module is also linked with the embedded I/O based terminal that further supports the wiring of different input as well as output devices. It also discrete the different input channels. Tall these channels can be linked to the push button devices that are linked with STRAT/STOP/REVERSE and many other commands. In order to go for the external speed-based reference, it accommodates two different analog-based input devices that are linked with one unipolar arena too. This drive also comprises of two form C based contacts and it can be used to further activate the indicating the devices for proper reporting of the operational status too. To have proper feedback or even the re-transmitting of the signals, it is important to see how this module helps in driving the system and thus it is provided with two different configurable analog based output channels too. Isn’t this exciting? So, take a step ahead and bring this module for your working arena. 

Want to know more about Allen Bradley 25C-D4P0N104? Here are more details! 

Allen Bradley 25C-D4P0N104 module is manufactured by Allen Bradley and is known as a power flex-based unit too. It also belongs to the 527 Drive series. This module is not linked to an integral EMC filtering along with an A sized frame and an open type-based enclosure. 

It is known as a three-phase based module. It is also designed by the wired along with supplying the voltage range of 323 to 528 volts and it further puts in a voltage class of 480 V DC with an input rating of 5.2 kVA and a maximum input current of 5.7 Amps too. The output current is 4.0 Amps, and an output rating is 2 HP, also known as 1.5kW. Applicable fuses and used for use and this module have a minimum rating of around 10 and a maximum rating of 15. For different communication purposes, this module has a double port for Ethernet IP. Along with this, this module has a 100-C09 based contactor too. 

Want one? Haven’t decided yet? 

Allen Bradley 25C-D4P0N104 unit should not be stored at temperatures that are higher than 185 degrees or lower than 40 degrees. Generally, the air surrounding this module should not exceed the maximum temperature of 122 degrees. Along with this, this module should not be mounted

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