A Practical Guide to Writing Persuasive Business Intelligence Essays

The Higher Education Student Statistics: UK analyses how business intelligence is a popular subject among students. Almost 19% of the students are enrolling in it. Nearly 55,490 students were attributed to non-EU postgraduate enrollments. This highlights the current trend of the subject. Course enrollment accompanies writing assignments, essays, dissertations, thesis, etc., as a part of coursework.

However, not all have a proper understanding of writing business intelligence essays. It causes disappointment among students when they can’t perform well here. Do you want to stand out among all others with your write-up but not be confident of doing it fine? This guide will help you straight to the winning mark. Before dwelling on the process, let’s know what business intelligence is.

According to IBM,

“Business intelligence (BI) is software that ingests business data and presents it in user-friendly views such as reports, dashboards, charts, and graphs. BI business intelligence tools enable business users to access different types of data — historical and current, third-party and in-house, as well as semi-structured data and unstructured data like social media.”

The DataHorizzon Research says that in 2022 the business intelligence market was at 28.1 billion. It will reach up to 55.5 billion USD by 2023. So total CAGR is expected to be 7.2%. Therefore, in today’s increasingly competitive market, companies realise the importance of real-time data analysis.

This increases competition, where everyone excels in the race for perfection. However, it brings up academic dread for the students. They think of performing it perfectly but don’t know how. That’s why we will give you a guide to writing your essays. You can crack the complexity easily, but if you think of perfection, get essay writing help from British experts.

How To Write Business Intelligence Essays? 5 Steps Guide

The critical thoughts, worthy learning, and valuable experiences are meant to be shared with others. Writing essays on business intelligence to explore the topic of your interest seems similar to practice. And the fact is, writing your thoughts makes you informed of the standpoint you own.

But you need to follow a hierarchy, decorum, and a proper template to get it accepted by the organisation. However, the templated document will allow readers to grasp the concept without fussing. Below is the step-by-step guide for writing your business intelligence essays.

1. Introduction

A catchy introduction starts with some background business information. This way, the writer tells some base points to let the reader know the topic’s significance and why it is worth exploring.

According to Pomona College, when you just sit to write your ideas, you have in your mind what you want to say by your writing. Some evidence, arguments, examples, etc. But it can’t be just said. You have to take an introductory start to write these key points. That where introduction writings stands for. 

According to Research Gate, the main elements of the introduction section are as follows: often, the elements overlap.

Write Some Background Information

Citing some background information will inform the reader that you are informed of previous findings. It will focus on the names, dates, events, organisations, and terms of business intelligence related to the topic. Discussing past findings will ensure the reader how worthy the topic is to get attention.

You might state examples of top business leaders who changed the world perspective. With their leadership role and critiques, they are best mentioned in your business intelligence essays.

  • Reshma Saujani: Founder of Girls Who Code
  • Tim Cook: CEO of the most valuable company in the world, Apple
  • Sheryl Sandberg: Chief Operating Officer of Facebook from 2008 to 2022
  • Bob Iger: Executive Chairman and former CEO of the Disney Corporation
  • Reed Hastings: Co-founder and CEO of Netflix

Write Thesis Statement

It’s an essential part of any academic essay, providing direction and focus to the reader. Consider it a concise summary of your main point.

For example, a problem statement for business intelligence assignment writing here can be,

Intelligent decisions need to be made to drive the business forward to help in decision-making in a company.

2. Body Paragraphs

Writing body paragraphs in business intelligence essays will be directly in favour or against the viewpoint you discussed in your thesis statement. It comprises five components.

  • Topic sentence
  • Transition
  • Evidence
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion

All these combine to make a persuasive paragraph for your standpoint. Body paragraphs can be two, three, or so on, depending on the word count you are asked to write by your institution. However, it may be accompanied by a counterargument paragraph, which is needed to clarify business intelligence essay ideas further.


To grasp the concept, let’s consider an example. Suppose you write an essay on “What is business intelligence and why it is important?” Here, you will define a base and put examples, techniques, etc.

Discuss some practical visuals to emphasise the standpoint when you describe its importance. It will convince the reader that BI tools are really important in today’s time. You can discuss points like,

  • All companies use it: The digital revolution is deeply rooted in small and large companies. They use it to analyse customer behaviour, monitor performance, optimise operations, etc.
  • People use it to access information: Everybody uses it to access new information systems and make business decisions.
  • Give examples: Quote some related examples. For example, Charles Schwab, a financial consulting firm, used BI to get a general overview of all US branches. This way, they evaluated performance metrics and identified opportunities to provide business intelligence solutions.
  • Make a comparison: You can also compare traditional and modern database systems to prove BI is more beneficial. In the past, statics reports were used to answer database queries. The reporting cycle was slowed down for people, causing frustration for team members.

Here, the whole scenario emphasises the importance of BI, but with some practical implementations we see in time. Remember the previously discussed business intelligence essay structure of body paragraphs. You are not supposed to put ideas haphazardly that further confuse the reader. Follow a proper template, and be rational in what you are saying. It will surely make you unique among others.

Now, the above example is beneficial for you to write it perfectly. But still, if you fear not doing it perfectly, consider business intelligence essay writing services.

3. Conclusion

Now, your conclusion paragraph will restate the whole content. You can address some opposing viewpoints, too, that will tell the reader why they have to align with your viewpoint. However, adding a call to action will further emphasise the standpoint.

Don’t add some new information here other than what was discussed previously. It will start a new discussion on the point where you had to bind it up.

4. Add References

Referencing is meant to acknowledge your contribution in writing and research for the business intelligence essays. It will credit those whose ideas were used to give your persuasive argument.

According to ACM DL Digital Library, an example of a referencing format for your business intelligence essay writing is

“Abbasi, A. and Chen, H. 2008. CyberGate: A system and design framework for text analysis of computer-mediated communication. MIS Quart. 32, 4, 811–837.”

5. Proof Read It Before Final Submission

Don’t think of the final submissive without reading it. Once you read, you can pick up the errors such as capitalisation, formatting, tone, styling, etc.

The business community highlights it as,

When you have errors throughout your article, even if just one, you risk distracting your readers from your content’s message. Readers can lose focus, so it’s essential that you properly proofread before you publish and promote your content.

Wrapping Up

So, in the end, we had a detailed guide on how to write your business intelligence essay. Simply writing an essay, following an already present template, is not difficult. But when students are asked to present it persuasively, it can be hectic. The above-mentioned guide is enough to inform you how to write business intelligence essays while putting your rationales in it.

Constructing a coherent and persuasive argument can support your claim and address readers’ curiosity. Follow the step-by-step guide to produce the fine document. Implementing it now is of no difficulty. But if other tasks surround you and you can’t manage them in between, take essay writing help from seasoned writers.

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