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10 creative tips to boost your Instagram followers

It takes a lot of time and effort to grow your social presence on platforms like Instagram. Here are the 10 creative tips to boost your Instagram followers:

1. Be consistent 

Growing your reach on Instagram is not a very simple and easy task as it sounds like. The first and the foremost thing that every influencer needs to do in order to increase their followers on Instagram is to be consistent. Consistency plays a vital role in the growth of your Instagram account. 

Try to post your content on a regular basis as this will help to maintain or increase the reach of your instagram account. According to the Instagram algorithm if your account on Instagram is dormant or inactive for some days, you will notice decrease in the number of your followers eventually. Even posting randomly will also decrease your account reach and will eventually reduce your follower count on Instagram. The best way to keep your account reach high on Instagram is to be consistent. 

Try to post more on a regular basis as your viewers will see your content more and as a result they will engage more too. Don’t spam your account, if u post multiple times in a single day then your followers will get irritated and will thereby unfollow you on Instagram.

2. Timing matters

When it comes to Instagram posts, try not to post randomly. Posting your content randomly hinders the overall growth and reach of your Instagram account. Finding the right and appropriate time to post your content is one of the most crucial aspects that have a direct serious impact on your account reach. Try to find the time when most of your Instagram followers are active because posting your content at that time will help you to get maximum engagement and reach. Initially you will need to do a lot of experimentation to find out the right and exact time which is suitable for posting as you have to consider several factors like demographics and time zones.

3. Schedule your posts

Scheduling your posts on Instagram is a great way to boost up the overall user-engagement of your Instagram account. One of the most effective ways to increase your reach and gain new followers is to maintain a content calendar for your Instagram account. You can keep track of your posts and you can also easily use a scheduling tool to schedule your posts on Instagram. Later and Planoly is some of the best post scheduling tools available on the web.

4. Diversity in content 

In order to spice things up, the best thing you can do is to bring some diversity in your content. Instagram has different post formats that you can opt for while posting your content on Instagram. If your audience likes lively content more, then video posts will be a better option for you to keep your audience more engaged. Otherwise, the simplest way to post your content is to post it in photo format. The major advantage of bringing certain level of diversity in your content is that it will help you to reach to different audience groups having different taste in contents.

5. Collaboration

Another great way to gain a lot of followers is collaboration. Try to collaborate with other influencers on instagram. When you collaborate with other people, you will get the opportunity to expose your social presence to their followers too. Those people may also follow you up after seeing that collaboration. There are several ways in which you can collaborate with other people on Instagram. Some of them include having Interview sessions on Instagram Live, hosting a giveaway and tagging big brands and other influencers who you want to collaborate with.

6. Do not buy fake followers

The biggest mistake that people often commit is to buy fake followers. There are many third party websites that offer you fake followers at extremely cheap prices. Do not fall for these traps as instead of growing your Instagram account they rather hinder its growth. Initially they will inflate your follower count and it may seem to you that you can easily get success by buying followers like this but in due course of time you will understand why this strategy proves to be really very bad for your Instagram account.

7. Keywords

There are certain SEO tools that are really important on Instagram. Keywords being one of those SEO tools are really very crucial for your account growth on Instagram. Try to use keywords in your username or in the name of your account as Instagram algorithm prioritizes the search results depending upon the presence of keywords. The keywords should be relevant to the type of content you are dealing with and it should be easily identifiable by the public. 

8. Instagram Bio

One of the most important things that every content creator on Instagram should strictly follow is to optimize their Instagram bio. An Instagram bio can only have 150 characters but you need to be very creative and picky about the words you use here as you’re your account bio will showcase the true impression upon your audience. We all know that our first impression is our last impression so try to be clear, unique and focused while creating your Instagram bio.

9. Cross-promote

If you want to rapidly grow your follower count on Instagram, you can surely opt for the cross-promotion strategy. Share your Instagram account link on different websites as it will help you to attract a lot of traffic to your account. You can also share your Instagram posts on different social media platforms as it will give a rapid boost to your account reach and will make your Instagram account more discoverable to the public.

10. Marketing strategy

Last but not the least have a proper marketing strategy. Having a market strategy is very important as it will help you to plan out your path of growing your social presence on Instagram.

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