02045996879: Who is at call?

02045996879 is a landline phone number registered in London, United Kingdom that is operated by British Telecommunications plc (BT). This number follows the standard format of UK landline numbers, with a total of 11 digits including the area code “020” which corresponds to Greater London.

Now that we know what kind of number it is and who operates it, let’s explore why it holds significance. The fact that it belongs to BT means that it carries a certain level of trustworthiness and legitimacy. BT has been providing telecommunication services for over 175 years and is known for its reliable network coverage across the UK.

A major reason why 02045996879 may be significant to many people is because it could potentially belong to an important organization or individual based in London. As one of the largest cities in Europe, London serves as a hub for various industries such as finance, fashion, media, technology, and more. This makes it home to numerous businesses big and small, as well as high-profile individuals from all walks of life.

What is 02045996879?

02045996879 is a phone number that is commonly used in the United Kingdom. This number belongs to a telecommunications company called BT (British Telecom) and it is mainly used for landline services.

But what exactly is 02045996879 and who uses it? Let’s dive into its origins and usage.

Firstly, the ‘020’ in this number refers to the area code which indicates that it belongs to London. The rest of the numbers ‘45996879’ are known as subscriber numbers which are unique to each individual line connected by BT within London. This format follows the standard numbering system for landline phones in the UK, with an area code followed by a seven-digit subscriber number.

Now, you may be wondering who uses this specific phone number. Well, since this number belongs to BT and is primarily used for landline services, anyone who has subscribed to these services in London will be assigned this number. This includes both residential and business landlines. It is also worth noting that while most businesses have switched over to using mobile devices, there are still many companies that use traditional landlines for their communication needs.

Moreover, 02045996879 can also be used for various other purposes such as fax machines, alarm systems or even shared lines within an office building. In some cases, individuals or organizations may choose this number as their contact number due to its easy-to-remember format or their association with London.

The history of 02045996879

The phone number 02045996879 has a rich and intriguing history, filled with interesting facts and events. From its early days as a simple landline number to becoming an important part of the telecommunications industry, let’s take a closer look at the history of this unique contact number.

Early Days

The origins of 02045996879 can be traced back to the late 19th century when the first telephone lines were being installed in London. In 1891, London was divided into multiple districts, with each one assigned a unique area code. The district covered by the number 020 was known as Inner London and it included prominent areas such as Westminster, Kensington, and Chelsea.

Landline Era

As technology advanced, more people began using telephones for communication in their homes and offices. This led to an increase in demand for telephone numbers and in 1958, the area code for Inner London was changed from ’01’ to ‘0171’ (area codes are currently known as ‘codes’). However, in April of 2000, another change took place where all inner-city phone codes were merged into the already existing code ‘020’. This is how our now familiar prefix came into existence.

How to identify legitimate calls from 02045996879

In today’s age, fraudulent and scam calls are becoming more prevalent than ever before. These malicious callers often pose as legitimate businesses or organizations to trick unsuspecting individuals into providing personal information or sending money. One common tactic used by these scammers is to utilize a local or familiar phone number in order to appear trustworthy. As such, it is important for individuals to know how to identify legitimate calls from numbers like 02045996879.

One of the first steps in identifying legitimate calls from any number is to conduct some research on the caller. A simple online search with the number can provide valuable information such as whether it belongs to a known company or if there have been any reports of scams associated with that particular number.

Aside from conducting research, another way to verify the legitimacy of a call is by paying attention to its purpose and urgency. Legitimate callers usually have a specific reason for calling and will clearly state their intentions without pressuring the receiver into immediate action. On the other hand, fraudulent callers often use scare tactics or create a sense of urgency in order to intimidate individuals into giving out sensitive information or making quick decisions.

Furthermore, another red flag that may indicate an illegitimate call is if the caller asks for confidential information such as social security numbers, banking details, passwords, etc. Legitimate organizations typically do not ask for this type of sensitive information over the phone unless they already have an established relationship with the individual.

Common scams associated with 02045996879

In today’s digital age, scammers are constantly coming up with new ways to trick unsuspecting victims and steal their money. One common tactic used by fraudsters is to impersonate phone numbers belonging to legitimate organizations in order to gain the trust of their targets.

One such number that has been reported numerous times for scamming activities is 02045996879. This number has been associated with a variety of fraudulent schemes, including:

Impersonation Scams:

Scammers will often pretend to be representatives from well-known companies or organizations and call individuals claiming there is an urgent matter that needs attention. They may claim to be from your bank, internet provider, or even government agencies like the IRS or Social Security Administration. The goal is to get you to reveal personal information such as your banking details or social security number.

Parcel/Package Delivery Scams:

Another common type of scam associated with this number involves fake package delivery notifications. Victims receive a call from someone pretending to be a delivery company informing them that they have an undelivered package waiting for them, but it can only be released after payment of a small fee. In reality, there is no package and once the victim pays the fee, they never hear from the scammer again.

How to block unwanted calls from 02045996879

Phone calls from unknown numbers can be especially irritating and disruptive. Whether you are in the middle of an important meeting, spending quality time with your family, or simply trying to relax after a long day, receiving unwanted calls can ruin your peace and add unnecessary stress to your life. One such number that has been reported by many people as a source of unwanted calls is 02045996879.

But fear not, there are ways to block these unwanted calls and avoid the hassle altogether. In this section, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to block calls from 02045996879.

Block the number on your smartphone:

The easiest way to block this number is through your smartphone’s built-in call blocking feature. For iPhone users, go to your recent call list and click on the “i” next to the number you want to block. Scroll down and select “Block this Caller”. For Android users, open your phone app and go to the call log tab. Long-press on the number you want to block and select “Block/report spam”.

Install a third-party call blocking app:

If your phone does not have an in-built call blocking feature or if it is not effective enough, you can download a call blocking app from your device’s app store. These apps allow you to create custom blacklists where you can add numbers like 02045996879 that constantly harass you with unwanted calls.


In this blog post, we have discussed the mysterious phone number 02045996879 and explored the possible reasons for receiving a call from it. While there is no definitive answer to who or what is behind this number, one thing that is certain is the importance of staying safe and informed about it.

At first glance, receiving a call from an unfamiliar number can be unsettling. Our natural instinct may be to answer or ignore without giving it much thought. However, in today’s digital age where scams and frauds are becoming increasingly prevalent, it is important to exercise caution when dealing with unknown numbers.

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