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We are concerned when we use WhatsApp and see a funny or informative status of a contact, but the status is automatically deleted after one day. However, with the help of Vidmate, we can save any contact’s status in our Android. One of the best features of Vidmate is that it can download high-quality music videos and convert them into mp3 format.Vidmate users can also watch and enjoy these downloaded videos while offline. When users click the download button, the downloading process begins; however, users can pause and resume the downloading process at any time.

Vidmate App has become the most popular and downloaded application worldwide due to its abundant audio resources and fast download speeds. Vidmate is a current application, and we regularly provide the most recent version to our users.We primarily want to create a personal list of all our favourite songs. Vidmate provides users the outstanding feature of downloading their favourite songs from any social media platform and creating their personal song lists. When we download photos or videos from other platforms, they are low-resolution, but Vidmate solves this problem.

Vidmate users can download any high-quality video or music from any platform. One of the best features of Vidmate Apk is that users can download videos and music at high speeds without paying a dime. One unique feature of Vidmate Download is that users can download videos, music, and TV shows in the background, meaning that users only need to click on the downloading button and don’t have to wait for the downloading process to finish.

Features of VidMate

Various Media Resources.

A wide range of media resources is available to Vidmate users. Many videos are available for users to watch for free, download, and enjoy later. This is a Vidmate feature that is impressive.

Save pictures from social media.

When they see photos on social media, many users are concerned about how to save them, but now, users of Vidmate can easily download these photos through Vidmate. This is a very simple way to download these high-resolution pictures. This is a striking aspect of Vidmate.

Collection of Languages.

The Vidmate app supports over 18 languages; users can select any of them to use these excellent applications. English, Japanese, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, and many other languages are among them. This is amazing because people from any region can use this app and enjoy its features.

Secured Downloaded.

Many apps are available online for downloading videos, music, and shows, but they are transferred to our phone’s gallery in the Vidmate apk. Users can lock and secure any photos, videos, or songs they download. They lock these downloaded items so that only you can access them, and they are not transferred to your gallery. This feature is only available in Vidmate, making it a unique and cool application for geniuses with the assistance of a small app. You can now watch all of the dramas and shows.

Watch Live TV.

The Vidmate app has over 200 channels, including Zee TV, Star World, Channel V, Sony TV, Sab TV, and Sahara Online. All of the shows are constantly and smoothly updated in this application. This is very impressive because you have live television on your device, which increases your interest in this application.

Quality of Choice.

The most important feature of the Vidmate is the ability to choose the quality of videos or photos we want to download. Videos ranging from 144p to 4k can be downloaded. Another useful feature of the Vidmate is the display of the size of downloaded items. This is significant because many people’s phones have limited storage space so that they can download videos based on the amount of space available on their Android phones. This vidmate app is a very important and informative feature of Vidmate.

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Vidmate APK

Safe Application.

Many apps on the internet allow you to download music and videos, but these apps are unsafe and can leak our personal information. Vidmate is a safe application because it is up to date, and the developer created it honestly. Its ratings show that it is mind-blowing and can attract a large community of users.

Download Videos.

With the help of VidMate, you can download unlimited videos from the Internet, no matter what device you’re using. It can help if you get any video from any social media site or website. All you have to do is obtain this application and access its features. This downloader has no upper download limit, so users can download videos as they wish. Users don’t have to worry about tracking their downloads or worrying about storage space.

Foreign Shows and movies.

Users of Vidmate can watch international shows and movies in addition to domestic ones, including Korean, Japanese, and many more. This is astounding because having many features and amenities in one application is a gift. You can enjoy the experience of watching foreign television programs and dramas online while killing time with such outstanding applications.

Watch TV serials.

There are apps available online that allow users to download music and videos for offline use, but they cannot watch television online. However, users of Vidmate can watch TV shows online, which is a remarkable feature of the app. Through the stunning Vidmate application, you can now watch all TV shows online.

Offline Sharing.

You can also share the downloaded videos and audio with your contacts further by sharing them with contacts via different social media apps. For instance, you have downloaded a video and want to share it with your contacts. You can do it by directly sharing that video file with your contacts.

Up-to-date application.

Many applications on the internet do not receive any new updates. Users become bored with such un-updated apps, but with Vidmate, users enjoy outstanding features, the most important of which is that users do not need to worry about updates. The application’s developers update it regularly. This is a useful feature because it adds to the application’s appeal.

Pause and resume downloading.

Users of Vidmate’s apk can pause and resume downloading videos, pictures, and songs, unlike many other social media apps where once a user clicks the download button, they cannot do so. Users can stop the download any time by clicking the pause button, which will pause the process until they decide to resume it. This pause and resume feature is truly unique. This fantastic feature of Vidmate makes this application incredibly useful in today’s world.

Download Background Items.

This is a fantastic feature of Vidmate. Many other internet apps allow users to download songs, videos, or photos by opening a specific app. However, users of the Vidmate APP can download videos and songs in the background. It means that when you click the download button, the item begins to download, and you can use other applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and many others. This type of feature of Vidmate draws a large community of people to this type of application.

Download Many Things.

Internet users like multi-download apps. Vidmate belongs to this category. This app lets users download multiple photo video songs at once. This app downloads anything quickly and saves time. This Vidmate feature is amazing.

Fast Downloading.

The best feature of Vidmate is watching videos and listening to music offline, but users can download apps on social media very slowly. This is an impressive Vidmate feature.

Download HD content.

People download photos from social media using various apps but need help downloading high-resolution versions of these images or videos. The Vidmate resolves the issue. Users can download any video or image in extremely high resolution using Vidmate. This remarkable feature makes Vidmate an extremely cutting-edge application.

Convert Video Song to Audio.

Vidmate has resolved this issue. Users can convert video songs to mp3 format. This is a remarkable aspect of Vidmate. You may generate a list of your choosing. This feature attracts an extensive user base.

Music and video player.

This program’s built-in music and video player are designed considering users’ preferences. They can simultaneously play all the material they downloaded in the same application.

Create Personal Song Lists.

Users of Vidmate have access to an exceptional feature that allows them to create personalized song playlists. Many enjoy compiling a list of their favourite songs, allowing them to download any song from Vidmate, an exceptional application.

Best streaming quality.

This application provides video playback and offers the best streaming quality. You can play your videos in 4k or even full HD as well. This high-resolution video streaming can enhance your experience to make it more unforgettable.

Download movies.

This application lets you download any movie. All you need is the application, the link to the download site, and the movie you want to get. You can get a lot of movies on your smartphone to watch later.

Status saver.

This application will also let you download videos and review status stories from WhatsApp. WhatsApp provides no option to download photographs or any files uploaded connected to your contact’s story. Click on the VidMate program’s menu for downloads and use it identically in this regard.

Download images.

This application may suit your needs if you enjoy downloading bright pictures and videos. You can download and save them or send them along with the wallpaper.


What is Vidmate?

Vidmate allows a user to download any media content that is available on the most popular social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and video sites (like Youtube). There are different reasons why you want to do it and this app gives such possibility.

What platforms Vidmate works with?

The app works with more than 1000 popular websites that host media content, including Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

My APK file doesn’t want to install. What should I do?

Allow installation of 3rd-party applications. Open Settings>Security>Device Management and turn on ‘Unknown Sources’.

The video doesn’t want to download! I’m getting ‘Server Error’!

Just wait, Vidmate servers may be down for a little. When the app is under maintenance there is a short time when it is unavailable. After a few minutes everything should be OK.


Vidmate Apk is the world’s most popular multi-platform HD video, movie, and music downloader, converter, and player. This music downloader and converter gives users free access to thousands of streaming sites such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Vevo, and many more. Vidmate provides users with various formats such as MP3, MP4, M4A, WEBM, 360P720P1080P2K4K. Vidmate users can download any high-quality video or music from any platform.

Users of Vidmate can lock downloaded videos, music, dramas, and TV shows, making Vidmate more appealing and distinct from other applications. Suppose you enjoy listening to music and watching videos, dramas, and TV shows and want an amazing application for downloading these videos. In that case, we recommend downloading and using Vidmate because it is completely different and unique from other downloading applications. Users can download Vidmate safely and for free from our website. Click on the downloading icon on this page, and the installation process will begin.

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