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Sentara MyChart – How to Manage Your Health Records and Stay Informed

If you’re a new user of Sentara MyChart, there are a few things you should know before you sign in. You’ll learn about the Sentara mobile app, Sentara Electronic Medical Record, and the Sentara SelfTest. These tools can help you manage your health records and stay informed.

MyChart Sentara MyChart

Sentara MyChart is a secure and convenient way to access your personal health information and communicate with your healthcare provider. It is part of the Sentara eCare Health Network, an electronic health information network that uses innovative technology to connect all health care providers, including physicians and hospitals. Through MyChart, you can access your medical records from anywhere, anytime.

To get started, you must have an internet connection and an SSL-enabled browser or terminal. The Sentara MyChart SSL web server uses encryption technology that provides the highest level of security available. This includes 128-bit RC4 encryption. It also uses a digital certificate that verifies the connection between the public key and the Sentara server’s identification.

If your child reaches the age of 14, you can deactivate his or her account. In addition, you can request access for your proxy to access another individual’s MyChart account. However, you must notify Sentara of any change in your legal relationship. You can call Sentara for instructions or send a written notification. However, you should know that Sentara reserves the right to revoke a proxy’s access at any time.

Sentara MyChart Mobile App

If you’re a current Sentara patient, you can use the Sentara MyChart mobile app to access your medical records. You can also use the app to communicate with your doctor. To start, sign in with your MyChart credentials. Then, click the “Sign Up” button to download the app.

The Sentara MyChart mobile app has several features that can make your time in the hospital a lot easier. For example, you can request a prescription refill, view test results, and send messages to your doctor. It also has a feature that allows you to schedule virtual appointments with providers.

Users can also use the app to connect with virtual care doctors who diagnose conditions and recommend medication. The app has several other features that help patients manage their health records. After signing up, users can access their personal medical records using the app. Users can also send medical advice messages and get directions to their medical appointments. The app is also useful for family members who need help managing a loved one’s health.

Sentara SelfTest

Sentara SelfTest is a convenient and low-cost way to obtain a range of medical tests without a doctor’s order. This allows for more frequent monitoring of your health between appointments. It is available at any Sentara location or online. You can pay for the test using a credit card or pay cash on the website. You will need to sign a consent form and have a current photo ID on hand.

The Sentara SelfTest program is available at all system hospitals and in freestanding emergency departments. Patients can also request tests online or through their MyChart electronic medical information system. The company says that nearly seven million tests are performed each year through its program. The number of tests ordered each year increased by 25 percent in 2011 alone. In comparison, Bon Secours Hampton Roads Health System does not offer self-testing services.

The Sentara SelfTest is available online or on mobile devices. The test takes less than 10 minutes to complete. It also meets the latest security requirements.

Sentara Electronic Medical Record

The Sentara Electronic Medical Record (EMR) allows patients and caregivers to access their personal medical information securely and easily from anywhere. It is part of the larger Sentara eCare Health Network, which uses innovative technology to make medical records accessible between Sentara hospitals and physician practices. This allows patients and caregivers to access their own records, as well as the medical records of others.

Patients and providers can request information that pertains to their care by contacting Sentara’s Privacy Contact Person. A request for access must be in writing and should clearly state the information that is requested. In some cases, patients may have to pay a fee for copies, mailing, or other supplies.

To access Sentara’s EMR, patients must enter their social security number, date of birth, and email address. After submitting this information, the system will then email a user identification and password to the patient. The patient should make sure that the email address and password match. If they do not, patients can contact their Sentara provider’s office for assistance.

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