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SNHU BRIGHTSPACE new learning management system is cloud-hosted, mission-aligned, and easy to use. Learn more about this new system and what it means for your institution. In this article, you’ll discover how the University has successfully implemented Brightspace. This cloud-based learning management system makes it easy to manage your students’ learning needs.

It’s cloud-hosted

Brightspace is a cloud-hosted learning management system designed by SNHU for teachers and students. It allows instructors to create interactive content, create courses, and grade students. Brightspace also features tools to make tutors’ jobs easier. The new platform makes it possible to use different devices to teach students, including smartphones and tablets.

As a cloud-hosted learning management system, Brightspace helps Southern New Hampshire University optimize its availability and personalization, ensuring a smooth and productive user experience for students. It also includes a free mobile app called Brightspace Pulse, which allows instructors and learners to stay connected. It also helps students manage time and stay on top of coursework.

After a thorough review of the various learning management systems, SNHU chose Brightspace. It is a cloud-hosted learning management system that has a modern interface and easy-to-use features. The system is used by more than 1,200 schools worldwide.

It’s mission-aligned

D2L spent a year with SNHU to understand its specific requirements and ensure a seamless implementation of the Brightspace Learning Management System. SNHU wanted a system that would meet its high availability and rigor standards for coursework while providing a personalized experience for every learner. D2L managed all aspects of the university’s cloud environments, including security, performance, Click and scalability. D2L was also able to meet the tightest deadlines, and their proven record of innovation ensured the implementation of Brightspace without a hitch.

SNHU’s Brightspace LMS has design to offer a modern, personalized experience for online learners. This includes adaptive learning and an analytics platform that enables advisors to engage with their students and improve outcomes. Brightspace is also accessible to low-vision and blind users, making it possible for those with disabilities to participate in online learning.

The SNHU Career Services team works with students to help them develop professional skills that will help them succeed after graduation. Career advisers have extensive knowledge of specific industries and provide expertise and guidance in those fields. The University also offers a number of internship opportunities, both for credit and non-credit.

It’s easy to use

The SNHU Brightspace system is design to make student collaboration easier. With the system, students can join online clubs and honor societies and keep track of events. It also helps the university track student progress. The system also tracks grades, submissions, incidents, and calls to the help center. By comparing this data, SNHU can see if any changes need to made to improve the student experience.

The D2L team spent a year working with SNHU administrators to make sure the new system would meet their expectations. The goal was to design the system so students would find it easy to use, while maintaining the rigorous nature of SNHU coursework. This partnership resulted in a smooth implementation, with little disruption to the university. The D2L team delivered Brightspace on schedule and within the time frame that the university had agreed upon. The team was also able to meet all of their numerical goals within a short period of time.

The SNHU Brightspace system is easy to use and is very accessible. To access the system, students must first log in to their SNHU myAccount. Once they’ve done so, they should find a link to the Brightspace course in the ‘Applications’ menu.

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