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How To Show Your Appreciation For Staff

Do you show your staff enough appreciation? It is important that staff feel appreciated so that they will work hard, remain loyal and feel an important part of the business. You will need to do more than pay them a competitive salary to show your appreciation, though, and there are lots of good ways that you can do this. Showing appreciation will not only encourage staff to work to a high standard each day, but it should also help to create a positive company culture that everyone can benefit from. Keep reading to discover a few of the best ways to show your appreciation. 

Positive Feedback

The easiest (and most effective) way to show your appreciation is simply to tell them through positive feedback. Positive feedback can help staff to feel valued, put a spring in their step and strengthen relationships. Despite this, many managers shy away from positive feedback and this could be damaging relations. Even a simple “thanks for your hard work” can go a long way and help staff to feel important.

Show Appreciation On Social Media

You will also find that showing appreciation for individual team members on social media is a great way to show how much you value their hard work. This could be a “shout out” on social media or you could even post a photo and bio telling the world what it is they do at the business (be sure to obtain their permission first!). 

Corporate Gifts

Gifts are always a way to show your appreciation and there are lots of good options to choose from. Something like custom Converse shoes from could be a nice touch as this shows a lot of effort has gone into the gift and a new pair of shoes can improve your life in a number of different ways. 

Time Off & Cash Bonuses

Of course, extra time off and cash bonuses will always go down well! You can reward employees for their hard work on a particular project or if they have gone above and beyond with extra time off and/or a cash bonus, which will certainly lift their spirits and help them to feel valued at work. 

Team Social Events

Treating your entire workforce to team social events is also a chance for you to show your appreciation at scale. This could be a staff party, award ceremony, dinner or even a trip away. Be sure to use the event as a chance to show your appreciation and encourage everyone to relax and enjoy one another’s company. 

Offer Flexible Working

Finally, flexible working is a great way to show your appreciation and also that you recognize that they have a life and other responsibilities outside of work. Many businesses are finding that a hybrid work model benefits both the business and staff and it is an effective way to show that you care about your employees.

Hopefully, this post will give you an idea or two so that you can show appreciation for your staff and lift morale. 

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