Choosing the Right Storage Size When Preparing To Move

Reputable self storage companies can ease your moving process by protecting your items from getting damaged or lost. This can give you adequate time to prepare your new home and move at your convenience. Choosing the right size storage unit when preparing to move can improve your experience and enable an easier transition. Here are some tips for choosing the right storage size:

Determine Your Storage Needs

What you plan to store when preparing to move can determine your storage unit size. Properly pack your home belongings as part of taking inventory to know the space they will occupy. A photo of your itemized belongings can enable a self storage company to find you the right unit. Accurate measurements of your furniture and electronics can help you choose a properly sized self storage unit. If your home belongings have large sizes or odd shapes, you may need a larger storage unit than if you just had a few boxes of clothing and other small items. After taking your items’ inventory and finding the right size storage, figure out how to arrange and fit your belongings in the unit.

Understand Various Storage Unit Sizes

Self storage units come in varying sizes, which include small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. Small-sized self storage units can have 25 or 50 square feet of total space. The 25-square-foot storage units can easily accommodate belongings like kids’ mattresses, home care products, and seasonal clothing. If you have a motorcycle, larger mattresses, furniture, or appliances like a fridge, consider the 50-square-foot self storage units. 

The storage space of medium-sized units can be 75, 100, or 150 square feet. These storage units can accommodate even larger items. If you have a grand piano, compact car, or heavy furniture, consider medium-sized self storage units. The large-sized self storage units can have 200 or 300 square feet of space. They can accommodate your small RV trailer, boats, or vans.

When preparing for a move, it’s crucial to make informed decisions on storage, and understanding various storage unit sizes is essential to choose the right fit for your needs, especially when considering portable storage options.

Consult Self Storage Companies

Self storage companies can help you understand various unit dimensions and their carrying capacities. They can teach you how to use online size guides to determine the right size storage unit. A self storage company can also help you find a unit that fits your budget. The company can determine your current and future storage needs and advise you on a suitable storage space. 

Qualities of a Good Self Storage Facility

Visiting a self storage unit can help you determine if it has the proper size and other characteristics to meet your needs. Here are other qualities to check out before renting a storage facility for your belongings.


A self storage facility near your place can be more convenient to access than one that is father away. You can also save on travel costs by choosing a nearby storage facility. A unit near your home or office can enable you to monitor the safety of your belongings as you prepare to move. Full-time accessibility to a self storage facility can promote flexibility as you create your moving schedule.


Your self storage facility should be regularly cleaned and well-maintained to prevent damage to your belongings. Confirm that the facility’s floor, walls, and roof do not have dirt or debris. A good storage facility should be free from moisture to protect your items from becoming moldy. The facility should have a climate control system to prevent extreme temperatures and humidity. Confirm that the storage unit you choose doesn’t have any pests that can damage your documents, boxes, or furniture. 

Security Features 

Self storage units with proper security measures can save you from additional costs that could result from your items being stolen or damaged. The storage facility you choose should have full-time camera surveillance. This can help you identify any theft or mishandling of your belongings and take action. Other security measures for a good self storage unit may include an alarmed perimeter fence, adequate lighting, or security guards. 


An insured self storage facility can compensate you in case your belongings get stolen or damaged by calamities like fire or floods. Some forms of insurance your storage facility should have include equipment damage insurance, crime insurance, and public liability insurance. 

Rent a Self Storage Facility Today

A self storage facility can protect your valuables from damage or theft, helping to streamline your moving process. Before choosing any storage unit, confirm it has adequate space to accommodate all your belongings. Contact various self storage companies and compare their facility sizes, safety, accessibility, and cleanliness.

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