Car Transport Service: Why Should You Consider Using Universal Transit Today?

AI or artificial intelligence is an advanced technology that’s assisting many of the world’s best industries across the world today. One industry that has started taking advantage of this advanced technology is car transport service.

Normally, most operations in the auto transport industry are done manually. From tracking of arrivals and departures, to booking appointments, contacting car carriers, every operation is manually executed. However, with the introduction of AI solutions, these operations have become more efficient and transparent. One of the leading companies that offer AI-powered transport solutions today is Universal Transit.

● What exactly makes Universal Transit’s AI-powered auto transport solution unique?

● What services should you expect from Universal Transit?

You’ll find everything you need to know about these Universal Transit auto transport-related questions as you read on.

How exactly does Universal Transit’s AI-powered auto transport solution work?

Agreed, artificial intelligence is not a new adoption in the auto shipping industry. Early adopters of this advanced technology utilize it to manage and oversee their delivery options and automate how shipments are tracked.

Today, the advancement in technology has improved exactly how many auto transport companies, such as Universal Transit, take advantage of AI in the industry.

Here are a few goodies Universal Transit’s AI-powered car transport services have to offer:

1. Automated tracking system

One good thing about this AI-based auto transport solution is that it supports automated tracking. Universal Transit uses AI-enabled systems, which don’t only predict shipment times but also assist in keeping track of vehicles in real time. That’s not all; these systems also make it possible for carriers to choose the shortest and safest possible routes to deliver vehicles to their intended destinations.

2. e-Bol elective bill of laden

The Bill of Lading (BoL) is more of a cornerstone when it comes to the provision of auto transport services. In case you don’t know, BoL is a document that represents the expectations, terms, and conditions associated with the auto shipping of your vehicle. In the case of disputes, BoL can alway serve as a critical reference point.

One way Universal Transit is taking advantage of intelligence technology is by supporting the e-BoL elective bill of laden. Like paper BoL, electronic bill of laden (eBoL) is a document that shows that both parties have agreed to the terms of car transport service. The only difference is that this document is digitally generated.

● Universal Transit e-BoL is all about secure and reliable auto shipping processing. As such, this offering is important to understand that you’re free from being defrauded.

● e-BoL also encourages transparency and improves speed, security, and cost of shipping vehicles.

3. Instant quote for load pricing

Another good thing about Universal Transit’s AI-powered car transport service is that it also supports instant quotes. Yes, this car transportation company offers an advanced tool which makes it possible for you to estimate auto shipping costs for your vehicle with instant online quotes.

4. Others

Other goodies attached to choosing Universal Transit as your go-to car transport service company include:

● e-Pay electronic payment

● e-Doc electronic signature

● Automated car transport service for efficient, timely, and secure delivery of your vehicle. This company offers different types of services, including door-to-door car shipping and transit-to-transit auto transport.You can visit the official website to learn more about how Universal Transit’s AI-based car transport services can help you today.

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