8 Steps to Keep Your Network Secure with Cloud Firewall Management Solutions

The increasing reliance on technology in our daily lives has brought about the need for better cybersecurity measures. With cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated, a traditional firewall may not provide adequate network protection anymore. This is where cloud firewall solutions come into play. Cloud firewall management offers a multitude of benefits that traditional firewalls simply cannot match. From increased flexibility to enhanced security, the advantages of cloud-based management are undeniable.

This blog post will walk you through eight essential steps to keep your network secure with cloud firewall management solutions. Follow these steps, and you can be confident that your network is better equipped to face any online threats.

Steps to Keep Your Network Secure with Cloud Firewall Management Solutions

Cloud firewall management is a crucial aspect of keeping your network secure and running seamlessly. It is vital to adhere to best practices that help automate routine tasks and keep security policies up-to-date and reviewed regularly, to fully maximise its benefits.

These measures allow businesses to run efficiently and productively while maintaining a high level of security.

Here are the detailed steps to keep your network secure with cloud firewalls.

Comprehensive Firewall Management

A surefire way to keep your security network protected is by ensuring that your firewall is working correctly. This requires continuous and comprehensive security management, which is where cloud firewall solutions come in. Firewalls can monitor your traffic and block unauthorised access, but if not updated, they can lose their effectiveness. Cloud-based firewall management solutions like Siteguardian simplify your firewall policy lifecycle management, including the deployment, configuration, change control and compliance policies.

Proactive Intrusion Prevention

You need to be proactive in preventing intrusions before they become a problem. By implementing strategies and technologies designed to stop intrusions before they begin, you can keep their data and networks safe from the prying eyes of hackers.

Cloud firewall management is a technology that helps companies stay one step ahead of the bad guys. By allowing centralized control and easy updates, cloud management can help businesses quickly respond to new threats and keep their networks secure. Proactive intrusion prevention is all about staying ahead of the curve, and with the right tools and strategies in place, businesses can do just that.

Regular vulnerability testing

Even the best firewall management solutions are susceptible to vulnerabilities. Your team should conduct frequent vulnerability testing to identify any weaknesses in its network security. Ideally, vulnerability testing should be conducted quarterly, ensuring systems are checked for weaknesses, and measures are taken to patch them before malicious actors can exploit them.

Customized Firewall Policies

As organizations move towards cloud-based infrastructure, the importance of customized firewall policies becomes ever more apparent. In most cases, standard firewall policies simply cannot provide the necessary level of security for cloud-based systems.

With cloud firewall management solutions, users can design firewall policies customized for different departments within an organization. It makes it significantly more difficult for cyber-attacks to breach different environments within your organization.

Educate and Train Employees

Cybersecurity is not only the IT department’s responsibility but is rather everyone’s responsibility. Your organization can have the best security firewalls in the world, but still, it may not be secure if employees fail to follow protocols. Employees are frequently the weakest link and the most elusive to detect. Educating employees about cybersecurity risks, steps to take to prevent cyber threats and encouraging them to report suspicious activity are safer working environments.

Keep track of traffic

By keeping track of your organization’s traffic, cybersecurity teams can monitor its networking environment closely. Cybersecurity professionals can use this information to detect any unusual traffic and block it. Cloud-based solutions like Siteguardian can record data to observe network activity and identify the Grey Areas as threats move laterally across the network.

Automated Management Capabilities

Cloud-based firewall management solutions reduce the need for a dedicated team to oversee network security operations, and as a result, will reduce operational costs. Automated management features such as event handling, policy monitoring, and device configuration and compliance management provide comprehensive security protocols and reduce the response time required by IT personnel.

Conduct Professional Penetration Testing

Conducting professional penetration testing is another important step in maintaining strict network security protocols. By engaging qualified experts to try and infiltrate your network, you are effectively playing offence to ensure your system’s defence capabilities hold up against potential cyber threats.

It’s also critical to test the efficacy of your firewall and IDPS to identify any vulnerabilities before hackers do. Investing in professional penetration testing will give your resort the peace of mind that your data, your guests’ personal information, and your reputation are safe and secure.


Hence, these are the basic steps to help your organization ensure its security is not compromised with cloud firewall management solutions. As digital technology will only continue to increase and persist in our lives, protecting your network will forever be critical. Stay vigilant and proactive, ensuring that your security solutions evolve with technological advancements. With Sound cybersecurity practices and comprehensive firewall management solutions, you can manage your security risks with confidence on an enterprise scale.

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