3 Latino Characters You Need To Watch on TV Right Now

Every once in a while, there’ll come a character on the big screen who you can’t look away from. Whether it’s their motivations, or sinister intentions, or even a pretty charming demeanor, there’s just something about them that gets the audiences to root for them or at least excited every time they appear on screen. 

In recent times, movies and TV shows have taken on a diverse role of characters, showcasing people from all around the world – which is why we’re choosing to focus on Latino characters in this article! 

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1. Gus from Breaking Bad 

Gustavo Fring is one of the most complex villains on-screen. What everyone perceives to be a calm man, is secretly a ruthless person who will do anything to gain power. He is an active villain to Walter White, the protagonist of Breaking Bad, and viewers are transfixed every time he appears in an episode since he brings so much tension with him! 

2. Gloria from Modern Family

In this light-hearted TV series, Gloria is the Colombian wife of a wealthy white man by the name of Jay Pritchett. She brings so much depth with her diverse culture and traditions in her own humorous way, which many around her find lovely. Her unconditional love and support for her family all highlight the importance of tight-knit Latino families.

3. Cristobal from Barry 

This loveable character from Barry ended up stealing audiences’ hearts ever since his first appearance! Despite the fact that he’s a mobster, we slowly find out as the series goes on, that he has a soft and gentle personality. Cristobal ends up falling in love with Hank and the two come to reconsider their violent life choices, showcasing a softer side to Latinos in general. 

In Conclusion 

Hence, that wraps up our list of the three most iconic Latino characters on screen that you simply cannot miss! Other than just appreciating the diverse actors and actresses on the big screen, these characters have proven time and time again, that they can certainly hold their own!

So, go and watch all these mentioned shows, and we hope that you enjoy them – happy watching! 

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