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12 Ways to Entertain Your Boyfriend over Text

Just remember, education is the doorway to happiness. To receive a good education, you will need good teachers. Also, you will need to be up on the latest tech.

1. Start with a Riddle or Puzzle

Spark your boyfriend’s curiosity by sending him a riddle or puzzle. This will get his brain working and challenge him, keeping him interested and entertained.

2. Share Funny Memes or GIFs

Find humor in everyday life by sending your boyfriend funny memes or GIFs that will make him laugh out loud and lighten the mood.

3. Play “20 Questions”

This classic guessing game is perfect for keeping your boyfriend entertained through text. Ask each other 20 questions about various topics, ensuring you take turns guessing.

4. Create Your Own Emoji Story

Get creative with emojis by writing a story using only these digital symbols. Your boyfriend will have fun deciphering the meaning behind each emoji.

5. Send Cute Good Morning/Good Night Texts

Help your boyfriend start or end his day with a smile by sending him a sweet, personalized message that shows you care.

6. Establish Weekly Quizzes

Test your knowledge in various subject areas by creating a weekly quiz. Challenge each other with fun questions, share thoughts, and learn something new.

7. Share Inspirational Quotes

Share a dose of positivity through inspirational quotes that will encourage your boyfriend to remain optimistic throughout the day.

8. Play “Would You Rather”

This game is a great way to learn more about each other’s preferences and opinions while having endless hours of fun over text.

9. Discuss Interesting Topics

Pick an interesting topic to discuss, giving both of you the chance to share opinions while learning something new from each other’s viewpoints.

10. Role Play via Text

Invent adventurous scenarios and role play with your boyfriend through text messages, allowing you both to explore different situations and characters.

11. Test Each Other’s Knowledge with Trivia Questions

Discover new facts and trivia by engaging in friendly competition through trivia questions based on various subjects, such as history, science, or pop culture.

12. Plan Your Future Dates

Fantasize about future adventures together and discuss exciting date ideas, building anticipation and excitement as you both plan the perfect outings.

By implementing these 12 entertaining ideas, you’ll be able to keep things lively and enjoyable in your relationship, ensuring your connection stays strong even when apart.

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