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How to Choose The Best Roofing and Siding Companies in Des Moines

When it comes to roofing and siding in Des Moines, one of the biggest challenges you may face is choosing the right roofing and siding companies. A sturdy roof protects your house and valuables from harsh weather conditions. Similarly, quality siding is important for enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal.

With so many roofing and siding contractors out there, choosing the right one requires due diligence.

In this article, we will discuss how to choose the best siding and roofing companies for your home in Des Moines.

Choosing the Best Roofing and Siding Companies in Des Moines

Roofing or siding Workmanship Warranty

Choosing a siding or roofing companies that gives a warranty ensures the quality of their work. If your roof develops problems during the guarantee term, the siding or roofing firms will be responsible for the repair without your payment. A warranty might vary by year. Most companies offers five to ten years of warranty. However, the longer the warranty, the better for you.

Experience and Expertise

Before you choose siding or roofing companies, evaluate their degree of experience and skill. Furthermore, the amount of experience and length of time in company may be key considerations. To assess a siding contractor’s degree of knowledge and experience, heck their portfolio, previous projects, and online client evaluations. First, look at the roofing firms’ websites for photographs of their previous work. Also, you can check review websites for their customer reviews.

Material Choices

Ask your prospective roofing and siding company about their material choices. Ensure that their material choices fit your roofing or siding needs. Also, ask and give details descriptions about your material needs such as the quality, durability, and color. This can be very critical to the durability and adds to the aesthetic beauty of your home.


Cost is a very important factor that can impact your roofing or siding project. Get multiple quotes from different siding and roofing companies. Having multiple quotes can help you have a good baseline in knowing what the actual construction cost should be. Moreover, This can also help in creating a budget for your project to avoid any payment issues later. However, don’t make your decision solely on cost. A company offering a very low cost may offer less quality work. And a very high cost doesn’t necessarily mean quality.

Licences and Insurance

Most states may require licensing for contractors. All roofing and siding contractors should have the required license and insurance and be able to provide them upon request. Insurance is important in case there are damages in your home during roofing or siding repair or installation.

Get recommendation

Get recommendations from family, friends about the best roofing and siding companies in Des Moines. This can help you narrow down your search when choosing the right company for the job. Also, do not overlook online recommendations from workplace. However, you must make sure to do your research about any recommendations you get either from friends, family, or online.

Certified roofing contractors

If you want seamless and correctly placed siding and roofing materials, choosing a professional roofing contractor is crucial. Large roofing manufacturers, like GAF, for example, certify contractors who complete their specific roofing installation training so they can install their roofing materials correctly. This specialized certification can be very crucial as the company may offer a longer warranty on their products.


Choosing the best siding and roofing companies in des moines is not suppose to be hard. By evaluating each companies, you can easily select the best roofing and siding companies for you home.

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